The Boler Boutique

Who's Behind The Boler:

Hi! I'm Tara. Wife to Trystan, Mommy to Blakley Saige, Kiptyn Kruze, and two slobbery bulldogs; Roxee & Axel.  I am the creator, maker and all things fun that has to do with The Boler Boutique.
I grew up in a small Alberta town, about 1000 people, called Sedgewick and have always been on the creative side. Growing up, I spent my days swimming in mud, building forts and playing sports. After highschool, I went and spent two years in Edmonton getting my certificates in Graphic Sign Arts, and Graphic Communications. After that, I moved to Red Deer and enrolled in the Hairstyling & part esthetics programs. Nine short years later after working in salons and owning my own, I had my daughter, quit my career, and was a scared stay at home Mommy with this new, wonderful and overwhelming role. Parenthood changes everything. Everything I thought I knew, I didn't. Once you think you got the hang of your little bundle, they hit a new phase. If only each kid came out with a handbook, aamm I right?!
I ventured into different little side gigs while I was at home with my daughter but nothing was catching that creativity spark I was hoping for.
I was now expecting our second child and I was looking for something that sparked a new passion. I knew after having my first child, that I wanted to create products that I would have wanted when she was little. Something all parents needed, that "thing" that could be handed down from baby to baby, a super fun creative outlet that people would remember and I can express my personality with.

THEN... I had a dream that lead to The Boler Boutique...

How the Boler Was Born:

I had a simple dream one night that I had a mobile baby boutique- that was it. Nothing crazy, no details, just cruising around from town to town with baby goodies. I woke up knowing that was a total meant to be dream and a message to start a search. 
I have always loved anything vintage, so an old trailer mobile shop came to mind and I started researching. I searched for months and never found anything that we could afford or would work with my idea. Laying in bed one night thinking about how I was going to go about this, or what I should do if nothing comes up. Literally seconds after, I got a trailer 'for sale' ad notification on Kijiji. It seemed to good to be true just falling in my lap like that, with the ironic timing and it just happened to be exactly what I was envisioning and searching for! So, after 22 hours of driving, with the help of my amazing daddio, we came home with the perfect 1972 Boler, now known as The Boler Boutique. We gave her a new life inside and out and named her, Itty Bitty. 

Where Is The Boler:

Please check out the link at the top of the main page that says: "Where to find me". There will be a list of all the pop up spots and markets that you can find us at. Another great way to keep track of The Boler Boutique is follow us on Facebook or Instagram! (links also available on the top right)
Please come and say Hi if you ever see us out and about! Itty Bitty along with her many fellow Boler buddies out in the world seem to have a lot of fans. I didn't realize this until Bitty started going on her adventures. She loves her picture being taken, so we would love to see you! ;)


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Camrose, Alberta

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